the drunk projectionist is a podcast based in minneapolis, minn.

Hosted by writer and film aficionado Todd Melby, The Drunk Projectionist is a podcast that is buzzed about movies. An avid film lover and longtime journalist, Todd developed The Drunk Projectionist as a way to marry two of his interests. 

I worked with Todd to develop a visual identity for his new podcast as well as a Squarespace-based website. Inspired by Saul Bass, the designer who famously created posters for Alfred Hitchcock's films, I created a logo for The Drunk Projectionist that both payed homage to filmmaking history and conveyed a modern feel.

When creating the website, it was important that the design be clean, visually engaging, and that the episodes take center stage. I create a custom cover for each episode, which is highlighted on the home page of the website.


Logo Design + Branding
Web Design