acadia cafe is a craft beer bar and pub in minneapolis, minn.

Post-college, I spent two years tending bar at a local watering hole on the West Bank of Minneapolis. After working behind the bar for a few months, I began to notice that some customers were having similar frustrations: the menu was too confusing and the music calendar was buggy, among others.

So I started thinking – what if I took the feedback I was hearing from customers, used my design skills, and created new menus and a new website that addressed the common customer complaints? I pitched the idea to my bosses, and they agreed to give me a shot.

My first step was creating a more cohesive brand identity. I found a box of old shirts in the basement with a fun sketch of an old logo, which I cleaned up and built off of to create the final logo. 

From there, I started working on the menus. Many customers were confused by the food menus – they were too cluttered and too confusing. I used the customer feedback that I heard while working behind the bar and translated it into a menu design that was easier to navigate and understand.

Finally, I did a major overhaul on the restaurant's old, clunky website. Using WordPress, I designed a website that was cleaner, more user-friendly, and most importantly, had a functioning music calendar.

The best part of this project was that I got to see the results of my work first-hand. Customers would often comment on how the new menus were much easier to navigate and bands were much happier with the interactive music calendar. It was so rewarding to see the entire project from start to finish, and the positive impact it had on the business.


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